HOTELS on the Behance Network

HOTELS on the Behance Network.


More and more Hotels are starting to rely on the work of specialist to help them create standout imagery that capture the style and unique essence of their spaces.

Hotel owners especially in the boutique and design areas, are now treating their specialist image maker with the same level of importance and respect as they do their Architect, Constructor and Interior designer.

It is about creating striking images that show difference that captures the essence of what each hotel offers. We work with design or boutique hotels because these are usually based on the ideas of a visionary hotelier, who wants a creative solution to their own creativity. We all so work collaboratively with Architects and Interior designers who not only work with us to photograph the end result but are also commission us to create imagery that adds to the concept or becomes part of the decoration.

The image of the hotel, when based on a concept and developed with style communicates all the values of that hotel. It is what people see, what they will fall in love with and ultimately decide to spend their money on.

Our job in this instance is to create the conditions in which attraction occurs.

Hotel Photography by SIMONFREDERICK

Image concept
Art direction
Pre production planning
Post production

Other services


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