How does the world see you ?


Deborah Montengro - Actress

Deborah Montengro – Actress Portrait: simonfrederick

How does the world see you ? Its a pertinent question. So many of us use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and websites as our business cards.

It’s the first thing that anyone ever see’s of you, it’s their first impression and perhaps more importantly, first impressions are also extremely difficult to change.

It often surprises me how many people on business networks like Linkedin or Behance, that have imageless profiles. What are you saying about yourself?  If I can’t see you, can I trust you?

There is much research that tells us that most of the people who are going to do business with us, have made their decisions long before they have even met us, simply because they have seen a picture in which they have already decided that they trust and like us.

Now thats a powerful thing. To have the ability to get people on your side ever before they have met you.

This whole subject (self representation) came about from some actor friends who were showing me their headshots (their promotional photos) whilst trying to convince me to donate sometime to their cause. 1 I could not believe that they were allowing such bad pictures to represent them and 2. I couldn’t believe that they had paid someone to make them look Bad!

Having spoken to a number of agents in the business this is not a rare occurrence. In fact as one agent put it, there are more bad pictures out there representing actors as good ones.

Now thats sad. How many talented people didn’t get the role or the job because they were overlooked because their picture was poor.

I am a portrait photographer and I know that to make a great portrait of someone takes more than having the right equipment or being able to craft a great light. It’s all of those things with an added ingredient. You have to be able to understand how to get the best out of the person sitting in front of you no matter who they are or their mood on that day. The objective is to make ONE image that will re-present you.

A few years ago I worked with a political party in Portugal making all of the portraits for the party leader and all of the candidates who were up for election. The result of my work with this party, saw them gain their best results in 30 years and all their candidates being elected to parliament.

I wasn’t interested in merely taking pictures. I was interested in developing a visual strategy that would make their pictures work for them and  more importantly for the people who would see them. The result was their result.

Today “Brand Self” drives everything that we do from our personal to business lives. Having the right image to represent you personally is now more important now than ever before.

Having a carefully crafted headshot from expert photographer, who understands how to make your image modern and relevant, is just as important.

Simon Frederick is a Portraitist. He will be having an open day in London on February 19, for those who want a Headshot – Portrait that will be your face for 2013

To book your place email:

Ambassador António Monteiro

Ambassador António Monteiro – Portrait: simonfrederick

David Harewood MBE Actor

David Harewood MBE Actor – Portrait: simonfrederick


Ciomara Morais - Actress/Director

Ciomara Morais – Actress/Director Portrait: simonfrederick


One thought on “How does the world see you ?

  1. Thank you so much for putting your thoughts out there!! For a very long time I was trying to find a way to convey this message to fellow photographers. Also look for a professional and at the same time gentile way to educate the clients on how to choose the right person to photograph them..
    I feel there is not enough information available on this metter at this point. And i was very surprised to see how many photographers felt it was Not their job to make it happen..
    The Lack of knowledge on what it takes to make a great photo happen is also very common.
    I feel it is totally up to us as professionals to bring this awareness to the public by spreading the word, as you are doing here!
    best regards,

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