Simon Frederick launches New Communications Agency called ENVY



On the 24th October, 2013 the new communications agency by the imagemaker Simon Frederick called ENVY was introduced to the Chinese market at the 2013 China International Creative Industries Week, as part of a high level creative industries delegation led by UKTI (UK Trade & Industry) at the invitation of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

ENVY – Is a new form of Communications Agency focusing on connecting people to brands by creating imagery that connects brands to people.

connecting people to brands slide

Special thanks goes out to Ms Karin Phillips from BEDG (The British European Design Group promoting UK Creative Industries for export), for recognising that ENVY has a unique way to create visibility for brands and for opening the doors for ENVY to present to delegates at the conference and meet with Chinese brands looking to raise their profiles at home and abroad.

Created by the imagemaker Simon Frederick, ENVY is not led by specific disciplines such as Advertising, Public Relations, Graphic Design or Marketing. ENVY’s role is to define brands visually as distinctive personalities, that people recognise and give their attention to, by creating image led strategies that connect brands with people.

Simon Frederick created ENVY as a means of addressing what he saw as an old world reliance on advertising, which he see’s as a flaw in traditional communications. Simon says, ” Many brands have no idea what first impression they have with consumers and many never use this as their starting point. In the same way, we meet another person, we make up your mind, wether we like or dislike that person in an instant.

This is about visual communication; unspoken instantaneous signs, signals and messages that define wether someone is worthy of our time and attention.

At ENVY, we recognised that the same rules could be applied to our relationship with a brand. Our starting point is always about people and perception, and how we can create the conditions by which, we design what consumer perception will be using the power and influence of images as our distinctive form of communications, a form of communication that is based on sight and not restricted by language”.

We think big

ENVY’s image led communications will always affect traditional communications disciplines but are never led by them. What a brand stands for, is always the beginning, middle and end of the ENVY process.

We understand that in todays competitive environment, that first impressions matter, and the time you have to make that first impression is getting shorter and shorter.

Connecting people to brands by creating imagery that connects brands to People is what we do at ENVY.

The Zeitgeist is heading towards the merger in the form of mobile, tablet, computer and television technologies with the visual image.

The future

Never in our history has the visual image in the form of illustration, photography or video been more important than it is today, as a means of telling the brand story and as a means of people to people communications.

The brain

Visuals are processed 60,000 x’s faster in the brain than text –

Knowing this gives us the opportunity to connect  people to brands by creating imagery that connects brands to people, in ways that are more meaningful.

Wether that brand is an individual, A product, A Company, A City or a Country, Our job is to raise brand visibility above the level of the crowd to a place where people will see, recognise and connect with these brands in an authentic way that is totally unique.

ENVY is an agency committed to connecting with people on a deeper more emotional level. Understanding how to create imagery that becomes an influential form of communication that can affect culture is what we do at ENVY.

For more information about ENVY please email us at

 For immediate release: November 1, 2013


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